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Trendy T-Shirts for Summer | Cotton T-Shirts

The popularity of a trendy apparel line is evident when it has a visual presence among the who’s who of celebrity performers. When the line of clothing is used as promotional material during important events, it is either a sign of popularity or a hope of becoming an international sensation. Most of the Caribbean shirts that were seen during the Corona pro surfer circuit 2011 in Puerto Rico, belonged to the fari range of collections.

This particular event is one of the most popular professional surfing events, where the contestants were seen in Continue reading Trendy T-Shirts for Summer | Cotton T-Shirts

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Longboard Surfing | Longboard Surfing

Surfing was originally referred to as wave riding which originated in Western Polynesia thousands of years ago. Fisherman introduced the idea of riding waves on boards in order to be able to catch more fish and travel back to the shore.

Like most practical tasks, wave riding eventually evolved into a leisure activity and the 15th century has been said to have witnessed stand-up surfing for the first time on the Hawaiian Islands. This pastime was called “he’enalu” which translates to wave sliding and began to be regarded as a sport. Actual records of surfing appeared in the 1700s by Europeans who travelled to Tahiti and made contact with the Polynesians.

Polynesians later settled in Hawaii and were already equipped with skills for surfing which was at first a simple sport that lend itself into an advanced activity in Hawaii. Generally, Hawaiians from the upper classes would ride the waves on boards that received sacred rituals before they were constructed out of specific types of wood.

Now, surf boards have become more advanced in shape and material, including styrofoam and fiberglass. As far as design is concerned, surf boards are now lighter and easier to maneuver. The surf board is the most important surfing equipment and it is recommended that beginners use styrofoam boards that are large enough, such as 10 feet long, to catch waves easily and to avoid injuries.


The Hollow Board and the Hot Curl Board have been significant inventions for being able to maneuver better and go into the curl of the wave. Later on, the short board emerged along with various types of numbers of fins to improve speed as well as maneuverability. Surf board leashes can be useful and often important accessories for protection and more control.

Wet suits have been another significant invention in the history of Surfing. The first wetsuit was created in the 1950s in California, which allowed for year round surfing, especially during the cold weather. Made of neoprene, a synthetic rubber material, the wet suit also resulted in surfers coming up with more advanced and complex surfing techniques as they provide more movement. Wet suits should fit well and not allow a lot of water in to keep the surfer warm.

Although longboard surfing is a popular activity today on coastal regions and on islands, it has quite an old history. Surfing has been able to establish itself as a cultural tradition that is enjoyed by modern people in various regions. It has even become a sporting event that is exhilarating and thrilling.

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“collecting Vintage Finds”

The growth in the business of the vintage posters can be attributed to the interest of the vintage poster collectors. The hobby has transformed into a passion over the years and changed the market scenario. While using posters started long back but serious collection of the posters began only decades back. The market gives the poster collector an array of choices, yet the market is limited when it comes to vintage posters. A vintage poster is usually a poster that is older than fifty years.

More collections

Types: There are numerous types of posters available in the market. Most vintage posters can be identified through the specific theme they reflect. It can be anything from food, entertainment, liquor, places or travel, wars to sports and fine arts. The category you choose to collect entirely depends on the preference of the collector. The advertisers are chiefly responsible for the creation of a vintage poster. They commission it and the best commercial artists of the time create it.

Importance: The significance of the vintage posters lies in its value as these are rare artifacts. The fact that makes it rare is that they do not tend to survive a long period of time in the original state and condition. The collectors are therefore always alert to get the limited vintage poster available. The size of the poster is not always responsible for its value. The main factors that contribute to its value are its color scheme, theme, style and condition. Availability: There are particular dealers who offer vintage posters. While some own galleries, others work online and send delivery after online order and payments. The important part is the knowledge of the dealer. Only an authentic dealer or an expert in this field can be a good guide and provide original vintage poster.

Placing: There is a wide usage of these posters. It is used by many business houses and companies to decorate their lobbies and meeting rooms to make a good impact. Some use it to warm up their living rooms and add to the ambience and central theme, while others put it in their bedrooms to cherish the memories of places travelled. The television shows and restaurants also use these to harmonize the environment.

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Guest Blog

Do you write your own business blog or hire experts for the task?

You probably already know that the role of business blogging has become a very important element in your online marketing strategies. The problem with some business blogs is that the business owner is often too busy to develop new material on a regular basis.

Many try to do it on their own and they ultimately drop the ball and the blog sits completely idle while interest dwindles to a candle flicker.

If you find yourself in this position there are three ready solutions that can help you make sense of your blogging journey while keeping interest strong among readers.

The first solution involves the hiring of one or more freelance writers who can develop content for your blog. These individuals can even be responsible for placing the material online so you don’t have to. If you can develop a budget for this then this solution will make sense in that the content will be original, fresh and hands-free.

A quality freelancer should be able to research the topics you’d like covered and deliver a blog style report for your readers complete with backlinks and photos if needed.

The second approach may not require any outlay of cash, but it does require time and networking. This approach also involves locating individuals in your field of expertise willing to provide a free commentary for your blog in exchange for a byline and applicable links.

This is labor intensive because you may need to make follow up contact to be sure the blog entry is on track. You will also need to post the blog yourself or have a team member do it for you. This approach works if you have a little time to coordinate the content supply.

The third approach is through free-to-use articles from a free article directory. Make sure to follow the site guidelines, but this approach can allow you to draw from a wide range of experts in their field and allow you to place the entire article and byline in your blog. The trade off for the writer is some exposure, while you can locate material that is pertinent to your unique needs without the need to write it and without asking anyone else to write for you. The approach requires a little time and effort, but no cash expenditure.

Blogging really has become an important element in online marketing. It has also been used to elevate the trust blog visitors extend to your business. The reasons business owners give for not developing a blog often has to do with fear of an unknown tool and the feeling that they don’t have time to commit to a blog long term. This article provides suggestions on how to overcome your fear of the blog.

As with all areas of business sometimes you just have to assess your need honestly and then creatively navigate the obstacles that may be standing in your way. It can be done and your site will be better for taking that first step while site visitors gain valuable information that you either direct or select.


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The 2 Biggest Challenges Bloggers Face and How to Overcome

Why do we blog anyway? For some of us it is personal, we just want to talk out all the things we are interested in. Others do it to generate income, entertain others by telling a story or maybe you are a blogger that is created from a mix of several reasons.

One of the biggest challenges is to convey the idea in your head in a fresh and interesting way. Since it is important to write often, the challenge named “writers block” raises it’s ugly head. You find that you need to get something published but just can’t come up with something really interesting today!  Well, there are plenty of resources you can access to help you unlock that creative person that is locked down inside you. Head on over to to check out the resources listed there. One of my favorites is Buffer. I use it to find great content for social media posts and more. If you want to go a little deeper, head on over to and do a quick search for the most shared articles on your topic. Read up and get inspired, then write an even better post to include some of the great information that have learned today.

Another challenge is finding the time to write a great blog post every day. It is important to write daily but there are those dark quiet days when the inspiration just will not come. You need a strategy, a plan. First, on those days when the inspiration seems to be flowing, make your lists, build your outlines and scribble down some drafts. Mix up your content types between opinion pieces, list posts and infographics. Maybe you could even include an interview or two. Here are a few quick tips to consider:

1) Create posts that are relevant to current pop culture. If there is any way to tie it to something that is going on right now, you will get more exposure.

2) Get emotional! Consumers have a short attention span so you will need to grab the reader’s attention right away.

3) Use a various array of media. Add in graphics and videos when possible. As you know, a picture is worth a thousand words.

There are all types of sites that will help you with any sort of challenge you may face when blogging. Hit the Internet and seek out the help you need.

The 6 Elements of a Powerful Blog Post
Courtesy of: Quick Sprout

There is no reason you should have a challenge at all when you have so many resources available to you.

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