The 2 Biggest Challenges Bloggers Face and How to Overcome

Why do we blog anyway? For some of us it is personal, we just want to talk out all the things we are interested in. Others do it to generate income, entertain others by telling a story or maybe you are a blogger that is created from a mix of several reasons.

One of the biggest challenges is to convey the idea in your head in a fresh and interesting way.¬†Since it is important to write often, the challenge named “writers block” raises it’s ugly head. You find that you need to get something published but just can’t come up with something really interesting today! ¬†Well, there are plenty of resources you can access to help you unlock that creative person that is locked down inside you. Head on over to to check out the resources listed there. One of my favorites is Buffer. I use it to find great content for social media posts and more. If you want to go a little deeper, head on over to and do a quick search for the most shared articles on your topic. Read up and get inspired, then write an even better post to include some of the great information that have learned today.

Another challenge is finding the time to write a great blog post every day. It is important to write daily but there are those dark quiet days when the inspiration just will not come. You need a strategy, a plan. First, on those days when the inspiration seems to be flowing, make your lists, build your outlines and scribble down some drafts. Mix up your content types between opinion pieces, list posts and infographics. Maybe you could even include an interview or two. Here are a few quick tips to consider:

1) Create posts that are relevant to current pop culture. If there is any way to tie it to something that is going on right now, you will get more exposure.

2) Get emotional! Consumers have a short attention span so you will need to grab the reader’s attention right away.

3) Use a various array of media. Add in graphics and videos when possible. As you know, a picture is worth a thousand words.

There are all types of sites that will help you with any sort of challenge you may face when blogging. Hit the Internet and seek out the help you need.

The 6 Elements of a Powerful Blog Post
Courtesy of: Quick Sprout

There is no reason you should have a challenge at all when you have so many resources available to you.

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