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The popularity of a trendy apparel line is evident when it has a visual presence among the who’s who of celebrity performers. When the line of clothing is used as promotional material during important events, it is either a sign of popularity or a hope of becoming an international sensation. Most of the Caribbean shirts that were seen during the Corona pro surfer circuit 2011 in Puerto Rico, belonged to the fari range of collections.

This particular event is one of the most popular professional surfing events, where the contestants were seen in

the black bella fari shirt for the female surfers and the men’s black shirt with yellow fari style text on the front for the male winner. These styles of t-shirts by fari apparel has garnered the attention of the contestants as they are made of comfort materials.

There are a few more types of shirts such as the reggae t shirts, that have the Rastafarian reggae music style design on the front. These not only look beautiful but come in different colors and are quite comfortable to wear. Made of pure cotton fabric, these organic cotton t shirts have been creating a mass appeal as they are being worn by famous surfers at the local beaches.

[slaveTube id=”ll2Q63KIL-M?rel=0″ width=”640″ height=”360″]

Such an endorsement establishes the fact that these Caribbean shirts are great beachwear and can be worn for many casual occasions. To add to the popularity, a large number of people, especially surfing enthusiasts, have turned up for the  pro surfer circuit in Rincon, Puerto Rico. This has given additional opportunities for the cotton t-shirts to increase brand awareness all summer long.

When people see the celebrity surfers wearing the fari apparel, it is an obvious seduction. During the event interviews with the participants, the tees are clearly promoted. The beach goers and fans  will covet these t-shirts simply because their favorite surfer or celebrity had it on.

The fari brand is conscious about promoting the simplicity of the tees. This is shown in the manner in which the fari words are printed in different golden and black colors on the colorful t-shirts. Another factor in the brand awareness is the comfort provided by the fabric content.

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